Eight Days and Two Warrants

On October 12th, for the second time in eight days, the Comox Valley RCMP's Municipal Drug Section executed a search warrant on an illegal Marihuana store front located on the 300 block of 4th Street, in Courtenay BC. Two individuals were arrested while the warrant was being executed.

The store front had illegally reopened its doors, contrary to municipal and federal regulations.

As a result of the search, investigators seized a quantity of suspected marihuana, cannabis infused food, shatter, cash, and other evidence to support charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Both accused were released on Promises to Appear in court on a future date.

“As the law stands today, selling marihuana in the manner that it was being sold, in a store front, is illegal”, stated Cst Rob Gardner, Comox Valley RCMP Media Relations Officer.

The RCMP supports efforts to ensure those individuals permitted by Health Canada to have access to medicinal marihuana for medical purposes, do have that access. The current regulations do not provide blanket legality to produce, use, or traffic marihuana, and the RCMP will continue to enforce the laws of Canada with respect to Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, which includes unlicensed medicinal marihuana sales.