Counterfeit Cash Continues to Con Community

The Comox Valley RCMP is sending out another warning regarding Counterfeit money, after a rash of fake bills in the community have been reported. $400 USD in 20 dollar and 50 dollar denominations have been seized, along with a Canadian One hundred dollar bill and a ten dollar bill.

Counterfeit W Shoulder Flash larger

“We put out a warning just before Christmas, about counterfeit money in our area, and it is still turning up, particularly within the past few days”, stated Cst Rob Gardner, Comox Valley RCMP Media Relations officer. “Most counterfeit bank notes are of poor quality and can easily be recognized by verifying a few security features.”

The Comox Valley RCMP is urging the public and business owners to educate themselves and employees on the security features of American and Canadian bills. You may refuse to take a bill if it is suspicious and you think it is counterfeit. These instances need to be reported to the RCMP as well.

There is several online resources regarding identifying counterfeit cash available including: