Mountie Camp 2017 Comes to a Close

After a week of hard work and amazing learning opportunities, 33 grade 10-12 students from School District 71 have completed Mountie Camp 2017, which was held at HMCS Quadra, in Comox, from March 26th to March 31st 2017. This was the 12th Mountie Camp run by the Comox Valley RCMP and School District 71. The first camp started in 1996 and has been running every second year since 1997.

‘We have a chance to showcase what the RCMP is about, and allow the students to get a peek into what our training involves at Depot, in Regina Saskatchewan’ stated Cst Rob Gardner, Comox Valley RCMP Community Policing officer. ‘Having a training area like HMCS Quadra, and the support of 19 wing Comox is amazing and instrumental in the continued success of this week long training.”

The students’ day started at 0600 with physical fitness, and they were in the classroom until late evening much like at Depot. Their days consisted of learning criminal code and charter of rights, investigations, and drill, as well as guest speakers from several sections including the Emergency Response Team, Dive team, Air Unit and Forensic Identification unit. Tuesday evening, with the assistance of the North Island Operational Communication Center (Dispatch Center), the students were able to put their law lessons to test, while they were dispatched to several ‘calls’ around HMCS Quadra.

We are fortunate to have many community supporters that continue to make this camp a success. A special thank you to all the Community Groups that gave their time and financially support the Comox Valley RCMP and School District 71 during Mountie Camp Week.